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Rupert Brooke

1887–1915. English poet. { The Rupert Brooke Society }

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Anne’s House of Dreams (1)

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The Song of the Pilgrims (1)

The Song of the Pilgrims (1907 poem)

                                            Ah! the beat
Of weary unreturning feet,
And songs of pilgrims unreturning! . . .
The fires we left are always burning
On the old shrines of home. Our kin
Have built them temples, and therein
Pray to the Gods we know; and dwell
In little houses lovable,

Being happy (we remember how!)
And peaceful even to death. . . . (Lines 17–26)

Anne’s House of Dreams, epigraph (“Our kin / Have built them temples, and therein / pray to the gods we know; and dwell / in little houses lovable”).


Brooke, Rupert. Poems. London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1916. Online at

“The Song of the Pilgrims,” pp. 84–85.

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