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Sandy Wagner


Book Chapter (1)

Wagner, Sandy. “Silver Bush.” In The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album, compiled by Kevin McCabe, edited by Alexandra Heilbron, 36–39. Toronto: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1999.

Newsletter Items (6)

Wagner, Sandra. “Christmas through the Eyes of a Child.” The Shining Scroll, 2018, 1–7.

Wagner, Sandy. “Comfort in Conflict.” The Shining Scroll, 2014, Part 2, 21–29.

Wagner, Sandy. “Samplers, Mottoes and Stitches.” The Shining Scroll, 2013, 12–15.

Wagner, Sandy. “The Golden Road and the Yankee Gale.” The Shining Scroll, 2013, 5–7.

Wagner, Sandy. “The Secret of Patty’s Place.” The Shining Scroll, 2012, Part 2, 19–20.

Wagner, Sandy. “Behind the Glass Doors.” The Shining Scroll, 2012, Part 2, 2–5.