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The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album (Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1999)

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album is a collection of essays, photographs, and reprinted materials compiled by Kevin McCabe and edited by Alexandra Heilbron. It includes contributions by Winifred Alston, Elizabeth Ballantyne, Francis W.P. Bolger, Norman Campbell, Mary Beth Cavert, Gabrielle Ceraldi, Carolyn Strom Collins, Kelly Crawford, Richard Dionne, Carol Dobson, Susan Drain, Elizabeth R. Epperly, John Ferns, Margaret Firth, Mollie Gillen, Kathy Gastle, Isabelle Goyette, Sandra Gwyn, Don Harron, Bev Hayden, Marian Hebb, Alexandra Heilbron, Jack Hutton, Linda Jackson-Hutton, Ben E. Jansen, Mary E. Doody Jones, Yuka Kajihara, Melanie A. Kingston, Benjamin Lefebvre, Linda Lowther, Anna MacDonald, Jennie Macneill, Kevin McCabe, Allan McGillivray, D. Jason Nolan, Trudy Ramsey, Mary Henley Rubio, Carol Shields, Bill Smiley, Edith Katherine Smith, Mary Evelyn Smith, Calvin Trillin, Luella Veijalainen, Sandy Wagner, Jonathan Walford, Elizabeth Waterston, and Joanne E. Wood. It was published as a jacketed hardcover by Fitzhenry and Whiteside in February 1999, with paperback editions appearing in April 2003 and May 2008.

Citation: McCabe, Kevin, comp. The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album. Edited by Alexandra Heilbron. Toronto: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1999.

Format: Jacketed hardcover, 9” × 10.5”, xii + 531 pp., 1-55041-386-4

Publisher Listing:


This striking collection of Lucy Maud Montgomery facts, lore, memorabilia, and tidings provides a comprehensive look at the life and times of one of Canada’s most beloved authors. Containing over 400 photographs and illustrations, and nearly 100 articles, The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album weaves together many sides of Maud’s complex and multi-faceted life-journey, from obscure Maritime teacher to internationally beloved author.

Montgomery’s own letters, photographs and newspaper articles help illuminate the persona little known beyond the Anne of Green Gables legend—the young Dalhousie student, the nurturing mother and social arbiter, the cat lover, accomplished thespian and avid photographer. We meet her many beaux and suitors, learn how she coped with economic difficulty during the Depression, and discover how she challenged the exploitive nature of her first publisher, L.C. Page.

Intriguing essays by leading experts shed new light on this fascinating and sometimes troubled genius. Mary Rubio tells us how the private journals of Prince Edward Island’s most cherished treasure ended up in Guelph, Ontario alongside one of Maud’s literary ancestors, Edith Katherine Smith explores the complex and often contradictory aspects of the passionate puritan, and Sandra Gwyn discusses Maud’s influence on such widely-known contemporary authors, as Kit Pearson, Jane Urquhart, and winner of the 1998 Giller Prize, Alice Munro.

Rounding out this fascinating and eclectic treasure trove is a detailed account of Anne of Green Gables festivals world wide, e-mail addresses to all L.M. Montgomery newsletters, web-sites, and much, much more.


Preface / Don Harron (1–2)

Lucy Maud Montgomery: Passionate Puritan / Edith Katherine Smith (3–7)

Abegweit: “I have come home” / L.M. Montgomery (9)

Order of the British Empire / Mollie Gillen (10–11)

Chapter 1. The Land She Was Born To

A Pilgrimage to L.M. Montgomery’s Island / Kevin McCabe (14–20)

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace, New London / Francis W.P. Bolger (21–25)

Father Bolger (26)

The Macneill Homestead: “Hallowed Ground” / Jennie Macneill (27–30)

Hon. Donald Montgomery Homestead / Edith Katherine Smith (31–35)

Silver Bush / Sandy Wagner (36–39)

Green Gables / Carolyn Strom Collins (40–43)

Chapter 2. Childhood in P.E.I., 1874–1890

Growing Up in Cavendish / Kevin McCabe (46–48)

Maud’s Early Schooldays / Kevin McCabe (49–54)

The Alpine Path / Kevin McCabe (55–56)

The Marco Polo: “The Fastest Ship In The World” / Kevin McCabe (57–59)

The Last of the Marco Polo: The Charlottetown Patriot, 1883 (60)

The Wreck of the Marco Polo / Lucy Maud Montgomery (61–62)

Letters Written by Eleven-year-old Maud (63–69)

The Fashions of L.M. Montgomery / Jonathan Walford (70–79)

Chapter 3. Starting Fresh in Saskatchewan, 1890–1

Hugh John Montgomery in Saskatchewan, 1880–90 / Kevin McCabe (82–85)

Lucy Maud Montgomery in Prince Albert, August 20, 1890 to August 27, 1891 / Bill Smiley (86–91)

Chapter 4. The Happiest Years of My Life, 1891–1898

“The Happiest Year of My Life”: Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown 1893–94 / Kevin McCabe (94–99)

The Teaching Years / Joanne E. Wood (100–104)

Dalhousie University, 1895-96 / Kevin McCabe (105–11)

The Scrapbooks / Carolyn Strom Collins (112–17)

Maud’s Beaux / Alexandra Heilbron (118–37)

True Love by a Whisker / Bev Hayden (138–43)

Chapter 5. Early Writing Career, 1899–1902

Budding Poetess / Kevin McCabe (146–51)

Bliss Carman (1861-1929) (152)

Lucy Maud Montgomery and Canadian Culture / John Ferns (153–54)

Halifax Days / Carol Dobson (155–59)

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Table Talk / Kevin McCabe (160–67)

Through the Eyes of Lucy Maud Montgomery / Elizabeth R. Epperly (168–73)

Elizabeth Rollins Epperly (174)

L.M. Montgomery and her Pen-Pals / Kevin McCabe (175–81)

Ephraim Weber / Kevin McCabe (182–85)

Chapter 6. Return to Cavendish, 1903–1911

A Life Less Happy: The Dilemma of Being Maud / Kevin McCabe (188–90)

Wintertime in Cavendish, 1908 / Jennie Macneill (191–93)

“I am so thankful I can work.” (194)

Was Anne a Real Girl? / Alexandra Heilbron (195–99)

Images of Anne throughout the Years / Jack Hutton and Linda Jackson-Hutton (200–205)

Miss L.M. Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables (206–8)

Anne Around the World / Alexandra Heilbron (209–11)

Cavendish’s 1911 Presentation to Miss Montgomery (212–15)

Maud’s Letter to Fannie Wise (216–21)

Chapter 7. Ontario

Part A. Leaskdale, 1911–1926

Mrs. Macdonald of the Leaskdale Manse / Allan McGillivray (225–30)

L.M. Montgomery and the Great War / Gabrielle Ceraldi (231–37)

Chester and Stuart: A Photo Album / Kevin McCabe (238–44)

A Star and a Stone: Maud and Ewen Macdonald / Joanne Wood (245–53)

Two Very Necessary People: Frede And Ewen / Kevin McCabe (254–55)

A Tour of Uxbridge and Leaskdale / Kevin McCabe (256–60)

Part B. Norval, 1926–35

Norval Then and Now / John Ferns (261–67)

Living in Norval / Kelly Crawford (269–74)

Maud’s and Anne’s Recipes (275–80)

L.M. Montgomery and Friendship / Mary Beth Cavert (281–85)

Good Help is Hard to Find: L.M. Montgomery’s Maids, 1911–1936 / Melanie A. Kingston (286–90)

LMM and Anne Go to Court / Marian Hebb (291–94)

Part C. Toronto, 1935–42

Toronto: 1935–42 / John Ferns (295–98)

My Meeting with L. M. Montgomery / Winifred Alston (299–300)

Flowers and L.M. Montgomery / Elizabeth Waterston (301–4)

Elizabeth Waterston (305)

My Grandmother “Donny” / Luella Veijalainen (306–7)

L.M. Montgomery replies to a young fan (308)

How the Correspondence Came About / Trudy Ramsey (309–11)

Remembering Maud in Toronto / Yuka Kajihara and D. Jason Nolan (312–21)

LMM’s last letter to Ephraim Weber (322)

The Funeral of L.M. Montgomery, April 29, 1942 / Kevin McCabe (323–26)

Obituary of L.M. Montgomery (327–28)

The Obituary of Ewen Macdonald (329)

Chapter 8. Montgomery on Stage and Screen

Is This My Anne / L.M. Montgomery (333–35)

Anne of Green Gables the Musical / Norman Campbell and Don Harron (336–44)

Don Harron (345)

Norman Campbell (345)

Anne of Green Gables, the Sullivan Adaptations: An Industry Begins / Alexandra Heilbron (346–49)

Road to Avonlea: A Canadian Success Story / Alexandra Heilbron (350–54)

The Sets of Avonlea / Ben E. Jansen (355–62)

Avonlea without Anne / Benjamin Lefebvre (363–65)

An Avonlea Symphony / Ben Jansen (366–69)

Emily of New Moon on TV / Alexandra Heilbron (370–71)

Chapter 9. LMM Festivals

Cavendish’s Annual Lucy Maud Montgomery Festival / Linda Lowther (374–75)

Montgomery Christmas in the Village of Norval / Kathy Gastle (376–77)

Bala’s Museum with Memories of L.M. Montgomery / Jack Hutton (379–81)

Anne Shirley Look-Alike Contests / Jack Hutton (382–87)

Celebrating “Anne of the Silver Screen” at Westfield Heritage Centre / Margaret Firth (388–91)

Uxbridge/Leaskdale Montgomery Days (392–93)

Canadian World in Japan / Alexandra Heilbron (394–99)

Chapter 10. Shades of L.M. Montgomery

“A Page of Grumbles”: L.M. Montgomery and her Journals / Elizabeth Ballantyne (402–6)

The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Vol. IV: 1929–1935, ed. Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston / Reviewed by Carol Shields (407–8)

Maud’s Money / Richard Dionne (409–13)

Lucy Maud Words (414–15)

The Motoring Macdonalds / Alexandra Heilbron (416–21)

The Cancer Man (422–23)

The Sagittarius Woman (424–25)

The Psychic World of Maud Montgomery / Alexandra Heilbron (426–29)

Chapter 11. Anne International

An Influential Anne in Japan / Yuka Kajihara (433–38)

Home Sweet Home (439)

Japan of Green Gables / Murray White (440)

Anne of Red Hair / Calvin Trillin (441–46)

The “Kindred Spirits” E-Mail Newsletter / Mary Evelyn Smith (447–50)

Kindred Spirits from Around the World (451–53)

L.M. Montgomery Magazines and Newsletters (454–57)

Finding L.M. Montgomery in Quebec / Isabelle Goyette (458–60)

Ethnic Minorities in L.M. Montgomery’s Writing / Kevin McCabe (461–62)

Canada’s Commemorative Stamps / Alexandra Heilbron (463)

Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc. (464–65)

Chapter 12. Anne in Academia

L.M. Montgomery’s Book Dedications / Mary Beth Cavert (468–70)

The Cavendish Library / Joanne Wood (471–72)

Why L.M. Montgomery’s Journals Came to Guelph / Mary Henley Rubio (473–78)

Mary Henley Rubio (479)

The Author and the Island / Anna MacDonald (480–83)

The Rescue of the Montgomery-MacMillan Letters / Mollie Gillen (484–85)

Mollie Gillen (486)

Anne of Green Gables: A Sign of the Times / Mary E. Doody Jones (487–90)

Rea Wilmshurst and L.M. Montgomery / Susan Drain (492–93)

Rea Wilmshurst (1941–1996) (494)

The Emily Effect / Sandra Gwyn (495–99)

The Pink and Gold Heart / L.M. Montgomery (500–501)

Family Tree (504–5)

Footnotes (506–12)

Bibliography (513–15)

Contributors (516–22)

Acknowledgements (523)

Index (524–29)

Archives and Collections (530)

Picture Credits (531)

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