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The Story Girl (Bantam Books, 1990)

This edition of The Story Girl was published as a Road to Avonlea tie-in mass-market paperback by Bantam Books (London) in 1990, alongside similar editions of The Golden Road, Chronicles of Avonlea, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea. Although the cover art displays the title of the television series more prominently than the title of the book, the interior pages are identical to those of the edition published by Seal Books (Toronto) in 1987 and the edition published by Bantam Books (New York) in 1989.

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The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (Bantam Books, 1990): cover
Cover of The Story Girl (Bantam Books, 1990), featuring Sarah Polley and Mag Ruffman from the television series Road to Avonlea.


L.M. Montgomery


The Story Girl




United Kingdom

Publisher Location



Bantam Books

Publication Date



Print, mass-market paperback, 6 7/8” x 4 3/8”, viii + 258 pp. + 6 pp.

Front Cover Copy

From the author of Anne of Green Gables

Now a Major TV Series

Back Cover Copy

She’s only fourteen, but Sara Stanley can weave tales that are impossible to resist—tales that spark the imagination and touch the heart. She has a story for every occasion and children and grown-ups alike flock from miles around to the charming, old-fashioned town of Carlisle to hear the Story Girl narrate her spellbinding tales.

From the scary “Tale of the Family Ghost,” to the fanciful “How Kissing Was Discovered,” to the bittersweet “The Blue Chest of Rachel Ward,” Sara’s stories are captivating tales that readers will want to read again and again.


(i) [Teaser]

It Was Time for Another Story!

The kitchen was a scene of happy activity. The Story Girl peeled her potatoes, somewhat slowly and awkwardly—for she was not deft at household tasks.

“I am sitting on a tragedy,” said the Story Girl suddenly.

Felix and I stared. We were not quite what a “tragedy” was, but we did not think it was an old blue wooden chest, such as the Story Girl was undoubtedly sitting on . . .

“This old blue chest holds a tragedy,” explained the Story Girl. “I know a story about it.”

“Cousin Rachel Ward’s wedding things are all in that old chest,” said Felicity.

Who was Cousin Rachel Ward? And why were her wedding things shut up in an old blue chest in Uncle Alec’s kitchen? We demanded the tale instantly. The Story Girl told it to us as she peeled her potatoes. Perhaps the potatoes suffered, but the story did not.

“It is a sad story,” said the Story Girl, ”and it happened fifty years ago . . .”

(ii) [Books by L.M. Montgomery]

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(iv) [Copyright Page]

(v) [Half-Title Page]

(vi) [Blank Page]

(vii–viii) Contents

(1–258) [Chapters 1–32]

(n.pag.) About the Author

(n.pag.) [Blank Page]

(n.pag.) [Four pages of ads, including synopses for the remaining three books published in this set]

Printing History

First published 1910 [sic] by L.C. Page & Company (Incorporated)

First publication in Great Britain

Bantam edition published 1990



Related Editions

The Story Girl (Seal Books, 1987)

The Story Girl (Bantam Books, 1989)


Once again, the original copyright date is listed erroneously as 1910; it should be 1911.

The epigraph and the dedication are omitted.


A copy of this edition (with no information about printing) is part of the site owner’s personal collection. The scanned cover image above is of that copy.

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