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The Story Girl (New American Library, 1991)

This edition of The Story Girl was published in 1991 by New American Library, a division of Penguin Books, as part of its Signet Classics series. It is one of six L.M. Montgomery titles reissued as part of this series, with an afterword by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston, between 1987 and 1991.

The cover art, unidentified in the edition, is a detail from “Weymouth Bay from the Downs above Osmington Mills” (ca. 1816), by John Constable (1776–1837), English painter; oil on canvas.

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The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (New American Library/Signet Classics, 1991): cover
Cover of the Signet Classics edition of The Story Girl, published by New American Library in 1991. Cover art by John Constable (unidentified in the edition).


L.M. Montgomery


The Story Girl


Mary Rubio
Elizabeth Waterston




United States of America

Publisher Location

New York


New American Library, a division of Penguin Books

Publication Date



Signet Classics


Print, mass-market paperback, 6 7/8” x 4 3/8”, 288 pp.

Back Cover Copy

“My favorite among my books.” —L.M. Montgomery

Just as a dusty road led to a farm called Green Gables for a small, red-haired orphan named Anne Shirley, the road beginning The Story Girl also leads to Prince Edward Island and an irresistible story of families, growing up, and love. When two city boys, Bev and Felix, are sent to spend the summer on the rural island, they discover both a different world and a very special person, Sara Stanley, the Story Girl. For the boys, this vacation becomes a time for magic and mischief as they spend their days with Sara and the eccentric local people, with a mysterious blue treasure chest and an intrepid cat, and experience an ordeal that may cost a friend his life. But woven through the sunlit days and starry seaside nights is another kind of enchantment as well—one spun by the tales of the talented Story Girl, who tells of love and death, good and evil, and wondrous times and lands that exist only in the imagination, but that live, like all of L.M. Montgomery’s delightful stories, forever in our hearts.


(1) [Biographical Note for L.M. Montgomery]

(2) [Blank Page]

(3) [Title Page]

(4) [Copyright Page]

(5) [Dedication]

(6) [Blank]

(7–8) Contents

(9–276) [Chapters 1–32]

(277–86) Afterword / Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston

(287–88) Selected Bibliography

Printing History

First Signet Classic Printing, March, 1991




Dedication included; epigraph omitted.


A copy of the first printing (March 1991) is in the site owner’s personal collection.

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