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The Story of L.M. Montgomery

The Story of L.M. Montgomery, by Hilda M. Ridley: cover

The Story of L.M. Montgomery is a trade biography by Hilda M. Ridley that was published in Canada by the Ryerson Press and in the UK by George G. Harrap and Company in 1956. It featured a foreword by M.M. Mitchell, and the Harrap edition concludes with a postscript commenting on Montgomery’s publication history in the United Kingdom.

The book was reissued by McGraw-Hill Ryerson as L.M. Montgomery: A Biography of the Author of Anne of Green Gables. While the new edition does not include a publication date, newspaper coverage indicates that it was published in 1973.


[First number span refers to the pagination of the Canadian edition, published by the Ryerson Press; second number span refers to the pagination of the UK edition, published by George G. Harrap and Company. In the Harrap edition, chapters are numbered with roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.).]

Acknowledgments (v/9–10)

L.M. Montgomery Books in Order of Production (vi) / L.M. Montgomery Books in Order of First Publication (n.pag.)

Foreword / M.M. Mitchell (vii–x/5–8)

List of Illustrations (xiii) / Illustrations (13)

1. A Writer’s Background (1–7/15–21)

2. A Solitary Child (8–13/22–27)

3. Judgment Sunday (14–21/28–34)

4. School Days (22–27/35–39)

5. Comrades (28–33/40–45)

6. Wreck of the “Marco Polo” (34–39/46–51)

7. A Visit to Park Corner (40–45/52–56)

8. Prelude to Literary Life (46–52/57–62)

9. Kindred Spirits (53–57/63–67)

10. First Successes (58–63/68–72)

11. At Dalhousie College (64–67/73–75)

12. Stepping Stones to Success (68–71/76–79)

13. Newspaper Woman (72–79/80–86)

14. A First Book Accepted (80–84/87–90)

15. Fame (85–92/91–98)

16. Last Years at Cavendish (93–97/99–103)

17. Marriage and Honeymoon (98–105/104–10)

18. Wife and Mother (106–13/111–18)

19. The Emily Books (114–21/119–25)

20. The Pat Books (122–26/126–29)

21. In Toronto (127–33/130–36)

22. Last Years (134–37/137–40)

Publisher’s Postscript /W.G.H. (141–43) [Harrap edition only]

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