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The Watchman and Other Poems

Cover art for The Watchman and Other Poems, published by McClelland and Stewart in 1916.

The Watchman and Other Poems is L.M. Montgomery’s eighth book, first published by McClelland, Goodchild, and Stewart (now McClelland and Stewart) in November 1916. It consists of ninety-four poems, most of which had been previously published in North American periodicals between 1899 and 1916. It was preceded by Anne of the Island (1915) and followed by Anne’s House of Dreams (1917). It is also the first book by Montgomery to appear from a Canadian publisher. It also appeared in an American edition by Frederick A. Stokes Company in 1917 and in a UK edition by Constable and Company in 1920.

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“To the memory of the gallant Canadian soldiers who have laid down their lives for their country and their empire.”


Acknowledgments (v)

Dedication (vii)

Contents (ix–xii)

The Watchman (3–7)

Songs of the Sea

Rain Along Shore (11–12)

Sea Sunset (13)

When the Dark Comes Down (14–15)

Harbor Moonrise (16–17)

Before Storm (18–19)

On the Bay (20–21)

Shore Twilight (22)

Song of the Sea-Wind (23)

Morning Along Shore (24)

Off to the Fishing Ground (25–26)

In Port (27)

The Gulls (28)

Sunrise Along Shore (29–30)

The Sea Spirit (31)

Harbor Dawn (32)

My ’Longshore Lass (33)

When the Fishing Boats Go Out (34–35)

The Bridal (36)

The Sea to the Shore (37–38)

The Voyagers (39–40)

Songs of the Hills and Woods

Twilight and I Went Hand in Hand (43–44)

Come, Rest Awhile (45)

An April Night (46)

Rain on the Hill (47–48)

For Little Things (49)

Spring Song (50)

A Day Off (51–52)

The Wind (53)

The Wood Pool (54)

Down Stream (55–56)

Echo Dell (57)

The Rovers (58–59)

Among the Pines (60–61)

A Day in the Open (62–63)

Midnight in Camp (64–65)

The Hill Maples (66–67)

A Summer Day (68–69)

September (70)

In Lovers’ Lane (71–72)

On the Hills (73–74)

An Autumn Evening (75)

November Evening (76–77)

Out o’ Doors (78)

In the Days of the Golden Rod (79)

A Winter Day (80–81)

Twilight (82)

The Call of the Winds (83–84)

A Winter Dawn (85)

The Forest Path (86)

At Nightfall (87)

The Truce o’ Night (88–89)


To My Enemy (93)

As the Heart Hopes (94–95)

Two Loves (96)

The Christmas Night (97–98)

In an Old Farmhouse (99–100)

A Request (101)

Memory Pictures (102)

Down Home (103)

The Choice (104)

Twilight in the Garden (105–6)

My Legacy (107)

Gratitude (108)

Fancies (109)

One of the Shepherds (110–12)

If Mary Had Known (113–15)

At the Long Sault (116–19)

The Exile (120–21)

The Three Songs (122–23)

In an Old Town Garden (124–25)

The Seeker (126)

The Poet’s Thought (127)

The Call (128–29)

The Old Home Calls (130–31)

Genius (132)

Love’s Prayer (133)

The Prisoner (134–35)

Companioned (136)

You (137–38)

Unrecorded (139–41)

With Tears They Buried You To-day (142–43)

In Memory of “Maggie” (144)

Realization (145)

The Garden in Winter (146)

The Difference (147)

The Poet (148–49)

The Mother (150–51)

To One Hated (152)

While the Fates Sleep (153)

The Farewell (154–55)

The Old Man’s Grave (156)

Forever (157)

By an Autumn Fire (158–59)

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