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Theodore Sheckels


Book-Length Study (1)

Sheckels, Theodore F. The Island Motif in the Fiction of L.M. Montgomery, Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood, and Other Canadian Women Novelists. New York: Peter Lang, 2003. Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature 68. See esp. chapter 2, “Redemptive Retreats: L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne Books’; L.M. Montgomery’s Jane of Lantern Hill; Marian Engel’s Bear” (19–43); chapter 6, “Trapped in Fantasy: L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Pat Books’; L.M. Montgomery’s Magic for Marigold” (133–48).

Book Chapters (2)

Sheckels, Theodore. “Anne of Green Gables as Intertext in Post-1960 Canadian Women’s Fiction.” In 100 Years of Anne with an “e”: The Centennial Study of Anne of Green Gables, edited by Holly Blackford, 143–63. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2009.

Sheckels, Theodore F. “Anne in Hollywood: The Americanization of a Canadian Icon.” In L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture, edited by Irene Gammel and Elizabeth Epperly, 183–91. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999.

Journal Article (1)

Sheckels, Theodore F., Jr. “In Search of Structures for the Stories of Girls and Women: L.M. Montgomery’s Life-Long Struggle.” American Review of Canadian Studies 23, no. 4 (Winter 1993): 523–38.

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