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Vappu Kannas


Journal Article (1)

Kannas, Vappu. “Behind the Scenes: The Editing Copies of The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery.” The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children’s Literature 18, no. 2 (2015).

Book Chapter (1)

Kannas, Vappu. “‘Emily Equals Childhood and Youth and First Love’: Finnish Readers and L.M. Montgomery’s Anne and Emily Books.” In Reading Today, edited by Heta Pyrhönen and Janna Kantola, 118–31. London: UCL Press, 2018. Comparative Literature and Culture.

Dissertations/Theses (2)

Kannas, Vappu. “‘The Forlorn Heroine of a Terribly Sad Life Story’: Romance in the Journals of L.M. Montgomery.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Helsinki, 2015. Full text:

Kannas, Vappu. “Down, You Vagabond of a Heart! Romance and Created Personas in the Journals of L.M. Montgomery.” M.A. thesis, University of Helsinki, 2010. Full text:

Translation (1)

Wuorio, Eva-Lis. “The Mother of the Anne Series.” Sirkka: Illustrated Magazine for Children 1 (1937): 4–5, 10.

Also, translated by Vappu Kannas, in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre, 343–46. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013.