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L.M. Montgomery Online began in 1998 as LMM-L, a moderated listserv that was housed at the University of Toronto and that I founded in collaboration with Jason Nolan and Yuka Kajihara. In 2007, after eight years at the University of Toronto, the listserv became part of the L.M. Montgomery Research Group, a broader Web 2.0 resource that featured a blog of news and updates, a comprehensive bibliography of scholarship, and a detailed filmography of screen adaptations of her work. In 2014, the website moved and was rebranded as L.M. Montgomery Online, and since then, its scope has expanded to complement the rare periodical pieces appearing in the three-volume critical anthology The L.M. Montgomery Reader and in the volumes of The L.M. Montgomery Library, all published by University of Toronto Press.


I am grateful to several friends and colleagues who offered feedback and help on various incarnations of this web resource: Vanessa Brown, Melanie J. Fishbane, Carole Gerson, Yuka Kajihara, Matthew Milner, Jason Nolan, and Emily S. Woster. Colleagues whose suggestions helped with the organization of the content include Richard Cunningham, Misao Dean, and Linda M. Morra. I am also grateful to Holly Blackford, Jean Cichon, Carole Gerson, Yuko Izawa, Yuka Kajihara, Laura Leden, Jennifer H. Litster, Laura M. Robinson, Mary Henley Rubio, and Hildi Froese Tiessen for bringing items of scholarship to my attention, and to Donna J. Campbell, Mary Beth Cavert, Carolyn Strom Collins, Joanne Lebold, and especially the late Christy Woster for their generosity in sharing with me rare periodicals by or related to L.M. Montgomery.

An earlier discussion of screen versions of L.M. Montgomery’s work appeared as “L.M. Montgomery: An Annotated Filmography” in Canadian Children’s Literature / Littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse 99 (Fall 2000): 43–73; © 2000 by Benjamin Lefebvre. I thank Mary Henley Rubio, who solicited that filmography for CCL/LCJ in 2000 and who shared several of her materials with me. I also thank Patsy Kotsopoulos and Vikas Duggal for several years of email disussions, as well as Maryam Haddad for her generosity in sharing Disney Channel material not available in Canada.

The following contact people were also extremely helpful, either for the 2000 filmography or its expanded version on this website: Jim Bertin, CBC (Toronto); Norman Campbell (Toronto); Len Cervantes, Sullivan Entertainment (Toronto); Christy Danger (Texas); Colette Forest, Société Radio-Canada (Montreal); Renée Fournier and Kerry Fraser, Salter Street Films (Halifax); Rachael Fowler, BBC (London); Tanya Fruehauf, City-TV (Toronto); Goldie Gardner, WNED (Buffalo, NY); Jim Gore, Tattersall Casablanca, post-production facility for Alliance Atlantis (Toronto); Faye Hammill, Cardiff University; Roy Harris, Visual Resources, CBC (Toronto); Betsy Veal Jones (Texas); Yuka Kajihara, Osborne Special Collection of Early Children’s Books, Toronto Public Library; Katina Katadotis, CINAR Productions (Montreal); Bernard Katz, McLaughlin Library archives, University of Guelph (retired); Gerald M. Lefebvre and Claire Pelland Lefebvre, Comme dirait l’autre (Trois-Rivières, Québec); Jeremy Lefebvre, Université de Montréal; Jennifer H. Litster, University of Edinburgh (Scotland); Jason Nolan, Division of the Environment, University of Toronto; Rory McLellan, University of Guelph; Joanna O’Driscoll and Ursula Perry, Channel 4 (London, UK); Monika Reif-Hüesler, University of Guelph; Kevin J. Rice, Confederation Centre Art Gallery Museum (Charlottetown); Becky Seifert (North Carolina); Ruth-Ellen Soles, CBC (Toronto); Charlie Trax, Universität Konstanz (Germany); Julie Trépanier, Université de Montréal; and the staff at the McLaughlin Library archives, University of Guelph.

Copyright and Colophon

All content (unless otherwise indicated) © 2007–2024 L.M. Montgomery Online. Unless otherwise indicated, all books, editions, items of scholarship, audiovisual materials, and artifacts listed here are from my personal collection.

“L.M. Montgomery” is a trademark of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. This website is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. or the various publishers, production companies, and television networks identified throughout this site. This website is intended as a source of information for anyone interested in Montgomery’s life, work, and legacy.

Benjamin Lefebvre, Director

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