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Editions by Date: 1940–1944

This page lists a selection of editions of L.M. Montgomery’s books that were published between 1940 and 1944.

The Story Girl (The Ryerson Press, 1944)

The Story Girl (Ryerson Press, 1944 [1966 printing]): front cover
The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (Ryerson Press, 1944): front board
The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (Ryerson Press, 1944): title page
The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (Ryerson Press, 1944, 1953 printing): cover
The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (Ryerson Press, 1944 [1966 printing]): front boards
Front cover, front board, and title page of The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery (The Ryerson Press, 1944); front cover of 1953 printing; front board from 1966 printing.

Print, jacketed hardcover, 7 7/8” x 5 3/8”, viii + 365 pp. ISBN: 0-517-60517-1. The epigraph and the dedication are included.

Copyright statement: Copyright, 1910 [sic] ¶ By L. C. Page & Company (Incorporated). Entered at Stationers’ Hall, London.

Printing history: First Canadian Edition: September, 1944. Reprinted, 1946. Reprinted, 1953. Reprinted, 1961. Reprinted, 1966.

Notes: This edition of The Story Girl was the first edition of the book published by a Canadian press. It appeared alongside similar reissues of Kilmeny of the Orchard and The Golden Road and had been preceded by Ryerson Press reissues of Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne of the Island in 1942 and of Chronicles of Avonlea in 1943. This edition reprints from the plates of the original edition, published by L.C. Page and Company in 1911, omitting the frontispiece and the ads for Page’s books in the end matter. The list of Montgomery’s books, the title page (see above), and the copyright page are new to this edition. The original copyright date is listed erroneously as 1910; it should be 1911.

An alternate two-colour cover (black and green), shown above, appears to have been used for the 1953 printing only. The amalgamated company McGraw-Hill Ryerson published a new edition of The Story Girl in 1972.

Sources: Copies of the 1944 printing (without dust jacket and with blue boards) and of the 1966 printing (with dust jacket and yellow boards) are part of the site owner’s personal collection. Scanned images above are from those copies. Thanks to Joanne Lebold for providing a scan of the alternate cover used for the 1953 printing.

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