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Akage no An (1979)

Cast and Credits

Produced by Nippon Animation Co. Ltd. Running time: 50 episodes x 23 minutes. Fuji-TV airdates: 7 January–30 December 1979.

Eiko Yamada (Anne Shirley), Ryiji Kai (Matthew Cuthbert), Fumie Kitahara (Marilla Cuthbert), Gara Takashima (Diana Barry), Kazuhiko Inoue (Gilbert Blythe), Miyoko Aso (Mrs. Rachel Lynde), Sanae Takagi (Jane Andrews), Mami Koyama (Ruby Gillis), Junko Hori (Josie Pye), Kazuyuki Sogabe (Rev. Allan), Saiko Egawa (Mrs. Allan), Natsuko Kawaji (Miss Josephine Barry), Motomu Shimizu (Mr. Phillips), and Reiko Suzuki (Miss Stacey).

Written by Shigeki Chiba, Aiko Isomura, Isao Takahata, Takekuni Takano, Shigehisa Araki, and Seijiro Kamiyama. Production Coordinator: Mitsuru Takakuwa. Produced by Koichi Motohashi. Directed by Isao Takahata.

Commentary and Synopsis

The fifty episodes of this popular animated adaptation of Anne of Green Gables appear to follow the book very closely, although episodes twenty-five and thirty-eight are designated as original. Although very little information about this series is available in English, it is still broadcast in Japan on a regular basis.

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