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Shorter Works: 1892

This page lists all known shorter works (poems, short stories, and miscellaneous pieces) that L.M. Montgomery published in 1892. All items appeared under the signature “L.M. Montgomery,” unless stated otherwise.

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For “The Wreck of the ‘Marcopolo,’ 1883,” presumably her only publication in 1892, L.M. Montgomery revisited a vivid scene from her childhood that she had described in written form before, in the form of an essay published in 1891 in the Montreal Daily Witness.

The Wreck of the “Marcopolo,” 1883 (poem)

By Lucy Maud Montgomery. [Daily Patriot (Charlottetown, PE), 29 August 1892.] Scrapbook 7 [“In Ch’Town Patriot / Written August 1891 / Published September 1891”].

First line: “’Twas a wild day! The waves raced madly up.”


The Years before “Anne,” by Francis W.P. Bolger (n.p.: The Prince Edward Island Heritage Foundation, 1974), 135–39.


Russell, Russell, and Wilmshurst’s Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Preliminary Bibliography (1986) gives a publication date of 29 August 1892 for this poem. I have not been able to verify this, since issues of this newspaper from June 1892 to July 1893 have not survived (my thanks to Simon Lloyd for this information). Montgomery’s handwritten note in her scrapbook, alongside the clipping for this poem, claims the poem appeared in September 1891, but a scan through the microfilm for late August and all of September 1891 at the University of Prince Edward Island library on 27 June 2016 yielded no results. Digital searches for this poem in other PEI newspapers have proven unsuccessful.


Russell, Ruth Weber, D.W. Russell, and Rea Wilmshurst. Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Preliminary Bibliography. Waterloo: University of Waterloo Library, 1986. University of Waterloo Library Bibliography 13.

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