Shorter Works

Shorter Works: 1922

This page lists a selection of shorter works (poems, short stories, and miscellaneous pieces) that L.M. Montgomery published in 1922. All items are signed “L.M. Montgomery,” unless stated otherwise.

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Poems (6)

The Bride Dreams | Grief | A June Day | Wind of Autumn | By the Sea | The Wind

Miscellaneous Pieces (1)

Bits from My Mailbag (essay)

The Bride Dreams (poem)

The Canadian Bookman (Toronto), March 1922, 101. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “Love, is it dawn that creeps in so gray.”


The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery, selected by John Ferns and Kevin McCabe (Markham, ON: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1987), 95–97.

The Blythes Are Quoted, 399–401.

Grief (poem)

The Canadian Magazine (Toronto), March 1922, 453. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “To my door came grief one day.”


The Blythes Are Quoted, 480–81.

A June Day (poem)

Canadian Home Journal (Toronto), June 1922, 8. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “Come, ’tis a day that was born for dreaming.”


The Blythes Are Quoted, 369.

Wind of Autumn (poem)

Canadian Home Journal (Toronto), October 1922, 11. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “I walked with Wind of Autumn across the uplands airy.”


The Blythes Are Quoted, 371.

By the Sea (poem)

The Canadian Magazine (Toronto), December 1922, 105. Scrapbook 5.

First line: Lass, this hour is all our own, so come and tryst with me

Bits from My Mailbag (essay)

Manitoba Free Press (Winnipeg), 9 December 1922, Christmas Book Section, 5. Scrapbook of Reviews, 198–99.


Morning Leader (Regina), 9 December 1922, 29.


The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print, 185–88.

The Wind (poem)

The Christian Endeavor World (Boston), 21 December 1922, 223. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “Out in the ways of the wind went I.”


The Blythes Are Quoted, 396–97.

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