Shorter Works

Shorter Works: 1937

This page lists a selection of shorter works (poems, short stories, and miscellaneous pieces) that L.M. Montgomery published in 1937, the year she published Jane of Lantern Hill. All items are signed “L.M. Montgomery,” unless stated otherwise.

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Short Stories (1)

Here Comes the Bride

Miscellaneous Pieces (1)

For and about Girls (review)

Here Comes the Bride (short story)

Holland’s: The Magazine of the South (Dallas), March 1937, 8–10, 48.


The Road to Yesterday, 181–204 (abridged).

The Blythes Are Quoted, 405–38.

For and about Girls (review)

Saturday Night (Toronto), 23 October 1937, 15.


Montgomery reviews the novel The Longest Way Round, by Lady Willison, formerly known as Marjory MacMurchy, about which she was enthusiastic in public but rather tepid in private.


The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print, 350–51.

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