Magic for Marigold

Magic for Marigold is L.M. Montgomery’s seventeenth book, first published in October 1929 by McClelland and Stewart (Toronto) and the Frederick A. Stokes Company (New York). Focusing on Marigold Lesley, an imaginative girl growing up amid a large extended family, it was preceded by Emily’s Quest (1927) and followed by A Tangled Web (1931).


in memory of a world
that has passed away


I. What’s in a Name?

II. Sealed of the Tribe

III. April Promise

IV. Marigold Goes A-visiting

V. The Door That Men Call Death

VI. The Power of the Dog

VII. Lost Laughter

VIII. “It”

IX. A Lesley Christmas

X. The Bobbing of Marigold

XI. A Counsel of Perfection

XII. Marigold Entertains

XIII. A Ghost Is Laid

XIV. Bitterness of Soul

XV. One Clear Call

XVI. One of Us

XVII. Not by Bread Alone

XVIII. Red Ink or—?

XIX. How It Came to Pass

XX. The Punishment of Billy

XXI. Her Chrism of Womanhood

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