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L.M. Montgomery Readathon

Curated by Andrea McKenzie and Benjamin Lefebvre, the L.M. Montgomery Readathon is a Facebook group that invites conversation about Montgomery’s work from her worldwide readership. Posts include discussion questions, details about Montgomery’s life and times (including fashion and technology), allusions to previous works of literature, book covers, and information about translations and recent reprint editions. Through reading Rilla of Ingleside (May–June 2020), Jane of Lantern Hill (July–September 2020), The Blue Castle (September 2020–February 2021) and Chronicles of Avonlea (March–May 2021) in a virtual group setting, we’re learning once again how Montgomery’s books have the power to bring people together in good times and in uncertain times. Anyone who enjoys L.M. Montgomery’s books is welcome to join, and group members can read, comment, ask questions, post favourite quotations, and listen.

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L.M. Montgomery Readathon

Reading Schedule for Chronicles of Avonlea

Monday, March 1: The Hurrying of Ludovic

Monday, March 8: Old Lady Lloyd (chapters 1–3)

Monday, March 15: Old Lady Lloyd (chapters 4–6)

Monday, March 22: Each in His Own Tongue

Monday, March 29: Little Joscelyn

Monday, April 5: The Winning of Lucinda

Monday, April 12: Old Man Shaw’s Girl

Monday, April 19: Aunt Olivia’s Beau

Monday, April 26: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham’s

Monday, May 3: Pa Sloane’s Purchase

Monday, May 10: The Courting of Prissy Strong

Monday, May 17: The Miracle at Carmody

Monday, May 24: The End of a Quarrel