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Rainbow Valley

Cover art for Rainbow Valley, published by McClelland and Stewart (Canada) and Frederick A. Stokes Company (USA) in August 1919.

Rainbow Valley is L.M. Montgomery’s tenth book, first published in August 1919 by McClelland and Stewart (Toronto) and the Frederick A. Stokes Company (New York). It is the sixth of eleven books to feature Montgomery’s protagonist Anne Shirley Blythe, preceded by Anne of Green Gables (1908), Anne of Avonlea (1909), Chronicles of Avonlea (1912), Anne of the Island (1915), and Anne’s House of Dreams (1917), and followed by Further Chronicles of Avonlea (1920), Rilla of Ingleside (1921), Anne of Windy Poplars (1936), Anne of Ingleside (1939), and The Blythes Are Quoted (2009).

Although the novel is set in the first decade of the twentieth century, it was planned and most of it drafted in the midst of the First World War and published within a year of the war’s end. The shadow of the War looms over the adult and child characters in the book, which is dedicated to the memory of three young men in Montgomery’s community who died in battle.


“The thoughts of youth are long,
         long thoughts.”


the memory of
Goldwin Lapp, Robert Brookes
and Morley Shier

who made the supreme sacrifice
that the happy valleys of their home land
might be kept sacred from
the ravage of the invader


I. Home Again

II. Sheer Gossip

III. The Ingleside Children

IV. The Manse Children

V. The Advent of Mary Vance

VI. Mary Stays at the Manse

VII. A Fishy Episode

VIII. Miss Cornelia Intervenes

IX. Una Intervenes

X. The Manse Girls Clean House

XI. A Dreadful Discovery

XII. An Explanation and a Dare

XIII. The House on the Hill

XIV. Mrs. Alec Davis Makes a Call

XV. More Gossip

XVI. Tit for Tat

XVII. A Double Victory

XVIII. Mary Brings Evil Tidings

XIX. Poor Adam!

XX. Faith Makes a Friend

XXI. The Impossible Word

XXII. St. George Knows All About It

XXIII. The Good-Conduct Club

XXIV. A Charitable Impulse

XXV. Another Scandal and Another “Explanation”

XXVI. Miss Cornelia Gets a New Point of View

XXVII. A Sacred Concert

XXVIII. A Fast Day

XXIX. A Weird Tale

XXX. The Ghost on the Dyke

XXXI. Carl Does Penance

XXXII. Two Stubborn People

XXXIII. Carl Is—Not—Whipped

XXXIV. Una Visits the Hill

XXXV. “Let the Piper Come”

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