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The L.M. Montgomery Library

Cover of A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917
Cover of A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921
Cover art for /Twice upon a Time: Selected Stories, 1898–1939/, by L.M. Montgomery, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre. The top two-thirds of the cover depict framed images of Anne Shirley, a Caucasian woman with red hair, against a vintage blue wallpaper; the bottom third of the image includes the title, the author's name, and the editor's name against a beige background.

The L.M. Montgomery Library is a set of volumes, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre and published by University of Toronto Press, that collects L.M. Montgomery’s extensive periodical work for her worldwide readership in the twenty-first century. This multivolume series will affirm Montgomery’s rightful place as one of Canada’s most prolific, imaginative, and beloved literary icons. Each volume is supplemented by a preface, an afterword, and annotations that provide context for all readers. A volume of selected writings, a volume of selected poems, and a volume of selected stories are available now, while volumes of Montgomery’s collected stories and collected poems, organized chronologically, are in progress.

“Lefebvre’s work on these volumes, to say nothing of his other Montgomery-related projects, demonstrates an intellectual curiosity and a commitment to scholarship in early Canadian literature that will guide students and scholars of Montgomery’s work for years to come.”
Ceilidh HartCanadian Literature

Available Now

A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917 (2018)

A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921 (2019)

Twice upon a Time: Selected Stories, 1898–1939 (2022)

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