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Shorter Works: 1899

This page lists a selection of shorter works (poems, short stories, and miscellaneous pieces) that L.M. Montgomery published in 1899. All items are signed “L.M. Montgomery,” unless stated otherwise.

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Short Stories (1)

Miss Marietta’s Jersey

Poems (3)

When the Fishing Boats Come In | Rain in the Woods | When the Fishing Boats Go Out

Miscellaneous Pieces (1)

Gleanings from Our Mail Bag (letter)

When the Fishing Boats Come In (poem)

The Weekly Bouquet (Boston), [January 1899]. Scrapbook 2.

First line: “The sea dusk shrouds in violet gloom the ocean’s silver blue.”


Keyport (NJ) Weekly, 15 April 1899, 1 (unsigned).

Star (Reynoldsville, PA), 26 April 1899, 3 (unsigned).

Republican News Item (Laport, PA), 27 April 1899, 2 (unsigned).

Daily Republican (Monongahela, PA), 2 May 1899, 2 (unsigned).

Gadsden (AL) Tribune, 11 May 1899, 3 (unsigned).

Free Press (Ozark, AL), 18 May 1899, 6 (unsigned).

People’s Party Advocate (Ashland, AL), 22 June 1899, 1 (unsigned).

Republican News Item (Laport, PA), 28 September 1899, 2 (unsigned).

East and West: A Paper for Young Canadians (Toronto), 1 October 1910, 317.


A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921, 62–63.

Gleanings from Our Mail Bag (letter)

The Editor: A Journal of Information for Literary Workers (Franklin, OH), March 1899, 125–27.


Montgomery wrote to The Editor seeking a copy of her short story “A Little Accident,” which had been published late in 1898.


A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917, 68 (as “To the Editor”).

Miss Marietta’s Jersey (story)

The Household (Boston), July 1899, 5–6. Scrapbook 2 (“Written March 1898 / Published July 1899 / In ‘Household’”)


Forty-year-old spinster Marietta Hunter and her cousin, Cordely, are taken aback one morning when their neighbour Nathaniel Griffith confronts them about the fact that their cow has once again broken into his field and made a mess of his hay. Tempers flare on both sides when he makes a snide comment about farming women and she points out that his shoddy fencing is to blame. Her discovery of the cow in her neighbour’s hay once more later that day leads to a desperate chase around Mr. Griffith’s field, after which she sells the cow in haste. When she discovers her own cow in the milking pen and realizes that the cow she sold was Mr. Griffiths, she decides that the only thing she can do is confess the mistake to her neighbour—a conversation she doesn’t relish given that she has already turned down his marriage proposal twice.

Characters: Marietta Hunter, Cordelia “Cordely” Hunter, Nathaniel Griffith, (Mercy Fisher), (Robert Randall), (Robert Randall’s son), (Hiram).

Location: Larksville (nearby town).


Farm, Field, and Fireside (Chicago), 29 July 1899, 656–57.


Twice upon a Time: Selected Stories, 1898–1939, 25–34.

Rain in the Woods (poem)

By Lucy M. Montgomery. Sports Afield (Chicago), August 1899, 208. Scrapbook 2 (“Written Sept. 1897. Published August 1899 / In ‘Sports Afield’”).

First line: “Just a hush among the trees.”


Daily Concord (NC) Standard, 11 January 1900, 2 (unsigned).

Standard (Concord, NC), 18 January 1900, 1 (unsigned).


A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921, 64.

When the Fishing Boats Go Out

The Youth’s Companion (Boston), 14 September 1899, 452. Scrapbook 2 (“Youth’s Companion”).

First line: “When the pearly skies of morning flush with dawning rose once more.”


The Watchman and Other Poems, 34–35.

A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921, 61.

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