Shorter Works

Shorter Works: 1930

This page lists a selection of shorter works (poems, short stories, and miscellaneous pieces) that L.M. Montgomery published in 1930. All items are signed “L.M. Montgomery,” unless stated otherwise.

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Short Stories (2)

A House Divided against Itself | The Price

Poems (2)

Oh, We Will Walk with Spring To-day! | Interlude

Miscellaneous Pieces (1)

L.M. Montgomery’s Ideas (letter)

Oh, We Will Walk with Spring To-day! (poem)

Unidentified and undated clipping. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “Oh, we will walk with spring to-day!”


Canadian Verse for Boys and Girls, edited by John W. Garvin (Toronto: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1930), 140.

The Blythes Are Quoted, 478–79 (as “Oh, We Will Walk with Spring Today”).

A House Divided against Itself (short story)

Canadian Home Journal (Toronto), March 1930, 3–5, 70, 72. Scrapbook 5.


The Story-Teller (London), July 1931, 538–46 (as “A Family Affair”).


Along the Shore: Tales by the Sea, by L.M. Montgomery, edited by Rea Wilmshurst (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1989), 275–95.

The Price (short story)

The Chatelaine (Toronto), March 1930, 10–11, 38–42.


After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed, by L.M. Montgomery, edited by Rea Wilmshurst (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1991), 119–47.

Interlude (poem)

Saturday Night (Toronto), 13 December 1930, 15. Scrapbook 5.

First line: “To-day a wind of dream.”


Chilliwack (BC) Progress, 25 December 1930, 2.


The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery, selected by John Ferns and Kevin McCabe (Markham, ON: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1987), 74.

The Blythes Are Quoted, 365–66.

L.M. Montgomery’s Ideas (letter)

By L.M. Montgomery Macdonald. Guardian (Charlottetown), 1 September 1930, 4.


This is the last of six letters published in the “Public Forum” column of the Charlottetown Guardian in late summer 1930. The first letter, signed Mrs. Edith Frank Fisher, criticizes Montgomery’s depiction of rural life in her novel Magic for Marigold, which had been published in 1929; responses signed “Islander,” “An Outsider,” “An Insider,” and “(Mrs.) A.M.C.” appeared before Montgomery herself decided to set the record straight. All six letters appear in full in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print (2013).


The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 262–72.

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