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Alternate Signatures

L.M. Montgomery published most of her creative work using her initials, but sometimes she opted for one of several alternate signatures.

These alternate signatures included Montgomery’s full legal name (“Lucy Maud Montgomery”), a range of alternate initialisms, versions of her married name, or several pseudonyms. For more on Montgomery’s use of alternate signatures, see the afterword to A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917 (2018), the first volume in The L.M. Montgomery Library.

Belinda Bluegrass (1)

“Which Has the Most Patience under the Ordinary Cares and Trials of Life—Man or Woman?” (1896 poem)

Joyce Cavendish (18)

Your Influence (1901 poem)
Come Where Violets Blow (1901 poem)
A Smile (1901 poem)
The Star thro’ the Pines (1902 poem)
Shall I Remember? (1902 poem)
Farewell and Welcome (1903 poem)
The Gray Silk Gown (23 May 1903 poem)
The Charm (1903 poem)
The Choice (1904 poem)
Jealousy (1904 poem)
On the Bridge (11 June 1904 poem)
When the Frogs Are Singing (1904 poem)
Air Castles (1904 poem)
The Name Tree (1905 poem)
The Water Nymph (1905 poem)
I Wonder If She Knows (1905 poem)
The Silent House (1905 poem)
To Phyllis (1906 poem)

Maud Cavendish (3)

When the Apple-Blossoms Blow (June 1895 poem)
A Baking of Gingersnaps (July 1895 story)
Our Charivari (1897 story)

M.L. Cavendish (3)

In Spite of Myself (1896 story)
Fisher Lassies (1896 poem)
The Apple-Picking Time (1896 poem)

Maud Cavindish (2)

A Strayed Allegiance (1897 story)
Buttercups (1899 poem)

Cynthia (36)

Around the Table (1901–1902 newspaper column; 35 instalments)
Many Admiring Glances Bestowed upon Graduates (1902 essay)

Maud Eglinton (1)

On the Gulf Shore (February 1895 poem)

Enid (1)

“Which Has the Most Patience under the Ordinary Cares and Trials of Life—Man or Woman?” (1896 sketch)

L. (1)

James Henry, Truant (April 1896 sketch)

L.M. (1)

The Land of Some Day (1896 poem)

L.M.M. (5)

Crooked Answers (March 1896 sketch)
The Bad Boy of Blanktown School (4 March 1896 sketch)
I’ve Something to Tell You, Sweet (1898 poem)
Forever (1898 poem)
Good-By (1898 poem)

Mrs. L.M. Macdonald (L.M. Montgomery) (1)

Life Has Been Interesting (1931 memoir)

L.M. Montgomery Macdonald (1)

The Day before Yesterday (May 1927 memoir, as L.M. Montgomery MacDonald [sic])
L.M. Montgomery’s Ideas (1 September 1930 letter)

M.M. (1)

When She Was Here (1899 poem)
A Half-Hour in an Old Cemetery (26 September 1901 sketch)

Ella Montgomery (1)

Last Night in Dreams (1906 poem)

Lucy M. Montgomery (1)

A Girl’s Place at Dalhousie College (29 April 1896 essay)
Rain in the Woods (August 1899 poem)
“I Dwell among My Own People” (1925 reprint of ca. 1921 essay)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (11)

On Cape Le Force (26 November 1890 poem)
The Wreck of the “Marco Polo” (5 March 1891 essay)
June! (12 June 1891 poem)
A Western Eden (17 June 1891 sketch)
Farewell (2 September 1891 poem)
The Wreck of the “Marcopolo,” 1883 (29 August 1892 poem)
The Last Prayer (1894 poem)
Portia (1894 essay)
The Violet’s Spell (1894 poem)
Blueberry Hill (1899 poem)
Four Questions Answered (1910 essay)
Dog Monday’s Vigil (1923 short story)

Lucy Ward Montgomery (1)

A Western Eden (1891 reprint of 1891 essay)

L.W. Montgomery (1)

The Prize in Elocution (1897 story)

S.M. Montgomery (1)

The Pot of Gold at the Rainbow’s End (1898 poem)

J.C. Neville (2)

Night in the Pastures (1908 reprint of 1898 poem)
Two Sides of a Life Story (undated story)

James H. Stevenson (1)

Valedictory (1894 essay)

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