Actors by Surname: Y

This page lists actors who have performed in a screen adaptation of the work of L.M. Montgomery and whose surnames begin with Y.

In alphabetical order: Yanci | Michael York | Joan Young

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Emily of New Moon (1998–1999, 2002–2003 television series)

S1E13: The Sound of Silence

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Michael York

Road to Avonlea [Avonlea] (1990–1996 television series)
Ezekiel Crane

S2E08: Sea Ghost
S2E09: All That Glitters

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Joan Young

Anne of Green Gables (1952 television miniseries)
Mrs. Rachel Lynde

S1E01: Anne’s Arrival
S1E02: The Amethyst Brooch
S1E03: Anne to the Rescue
S1E04: Great-Aunt Josephine
S1E05: The Lily Maiden
S1E06: The Bend in the Road

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