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Gema Zamprogna

Happy Christmas, Miss King [An Avonlea Christmas] (1998)
Felicity Pike

Road to Avonlea [Avonlea] (1990–1996)
Felicity King

S7E13: So Dear to My Heart
S7E11: Return to Me
S7E02: Love May Be Blind . . . but the Neighbours Ain’t
S7E01: Out of the Ashes

S6E13: Homecoming
S6E12: A Time to Every Purpose
S6E07: A Fox Tale
S6E04: Comings and Goings
S6E01: The Return of Gus Pike

S5E13: The Minister’s Wife
S5E12: Enter Prince Charming
S5E11: Otherwise Engaged
S5E09: Thursday’s Child
S5E08: Strictly Melodrama
S5E07: Someone to Believe In
S5E05: Stranger in the Night
S5E04: A Friend in Need
S5E03: Modern Times
S5E02: Memento Mori
S5E01: Fathers and Sons

S4E13: Hearth and Home
S4E12: Home Movie [Jasper’s Home Movie]
S4E11: The Disappearance
S4E10: Felicity’s Perfect Beau
S4E09: Hearts and Flowers
S4E08: Heirs and Graces
S4E07: The Dinner [Felicity’s Grand Design]
S4E06: Evelyn
S4E05: Moving On [Sara and the Marshal]
S4E04: Boys Will Be Boys
S4E03: Incident at Vernon River
S4E02: The Lady and the Blade
S4E01: Tug of War

S3E13: Old Friends, Old Wounds
S3E12: The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King
S3E11: High Society
S3E09: Vows of Silence [True Confessions]
S3E08: Friends and Relations
S3E07: A Dark and Stormy Night
S3E06: Aunt Janet Rebels [Aunt Janet’s Rebellion]
S3E05: Another Point of View [Facts and Fictions]
S3E04: Felix and Blackie
S3E03: But When She Was Bad . . . She Was Horrid (Part 2)
S3E02: But When She Was Bad . . . She Was Horrid (Part 1)
S3E01: The Ties That Bind [Sister of the Bride]

S2E13: Misfits and Miracles
S2E12: A Mother’s Love
S2E11: It’s Just a Stage
S2E10: Dreamer of Dreams
S2E09: All That Glitters
S2E08: Sea Ghost
S2E07: Family Rivalry
S2E03: Aunt Hetty’s Ordeal
S2E02: How Kissing Was Discovered
S2E01: Sara’s Homecoming

S1E13: Nothing Endures but Change
S1E12: The Hope Chest of Arabella King
S1E11: The Witch of Avonlea
S1E10: Felicity’s Challenge
S1E09: Malcolm and the Baby
S1E08: Aunt Abigail’s Beau
S1E07: Conversions
S1E06: Proof of the Pudding
S1E05: Old Lady Lloyd [Song of the Night]
S1E04: The Materializing of Duncan
S1E03: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham’s
S1E02: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
S1E01: The Journey Begins

Kevin Zegers

Road to Avonlea [Avonlea] (1990–1996)
Gordon Bradley

S6E12: A Time to Every Purpose

Charlie Zeltzer

Anne with an “E” (2017–2019)
Charlie Baynard

S3E06: The Summit of My Desires (as Baynard Kids, jointly with Ella Sinatra Querin, Alice Malakhov, and Maximillian Krumme)
S3E04: A Hope of Meeting You in Another World

Timm Zemanek

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000)

Steve Zirnis

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000)
Park Speaker

Lucas Jade Zumann

Anne with an “E” (2017–2019)
Gilbert Blythe

S3E10: The Better Feeling of My Heart
S3E09: A Dense and Frightful Darkness
S3E08: Great and Sudden Change
S3E07: A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good
S3E06: The Summit of My Desires
S3E05: I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful
S3E04: A Hope of Meeting You in Another World
S3E03: What Can Stop the Determined Heart
S3E02: There Is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand
S3E01: A Secret Which I Desired to Divine

S2E10: The Growing Good of the World
S2E09: What We Have Been Makes Us What We Are
S2E08: Struggling against the Perception of Facts
S2E07: Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper
S2E06: I Protest against Any Absolute Conclusion
S2E05: The Determining Acts of Her Life
S2E04: The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope
S2E03: The True Seeing Is Within
S2E02: Signs Are Small Measurable Things, but Interpretations Are Illimitable
S2E01: Youth Is the Season of Hope

S1E07: Wherever You Are Is My Home
S1E06: Remorse Is the Poison of Life
S1E05: Tightly Knotted to a Similar String
S1E04: An Inward Treasure Born
S1E03: But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?

Noam Zylberman

Lantern Hill (1990)
Poultry Boy

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