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Her Work

Although L.M. Montgomery is best known for her novel Anne of Green Gables, her work consists of a much wider range of texts. The twenty-two book-length works of fiction that she published between 1908 and 1939 circulated internationally during her lifetime and continue to reach new readers in English and in translation.

In addition to her twenty-four books, L.M. Montgomery published, between 1890 and 1942 over 1,100 shorter works: roughly five hundred poems, five hundred short stories, and one hundred miscellaneous pieces (memoirs, essays, sketches, letters, and contributions to round tables). Within her lifetime, Montgomery reworked many of these items for inclusion in some of her books: twelve short stories in Chronicles of Avonlea (1912), ninety-four poems in The Watchman and Other Poems (1916), fifteen short stories in Further Chronicles of Avonlea (1920), and forty-one poems and fifteen short stories in her rediscovered final book, The Blythes Are Quoted. In addition, over one hundred short stories and almost as many poems have appeared in trade collections published after Montgomery’s death.

Work by date: 1891 | 1894 | 1896 | 1897 | 1898 | 1899 | 1900 | 1901 | 1902 | 1903 | 1904 | 1905 | 1906 | 1907 | 1908 | 1909 | 1910 | 1911 | 1912 | 1913 | 1914 | 1915 | 1916 | 1917 | 1918 | 1919 | 1920 | 1921 | 1922 | 1923 | 1924 | 1925 | 1926 | 1927 | 1928 | 1929 | 1930 | 1931 | 1932 | 1933 | 1934 | 1935 | 1936 | 1937 | 1938 | 1939 | 1940 | 1942

The Anne Books

Anne of Green Gables (1908)

Anne of Avonlea (1909)

Chronicles of Avonlea (1912)

Anne of the Island (1915)

Anne’s House of Dreams (1917)

Rainbow Valley (1919)

Further Chronicles of Avonlea (1920)

Rilla of Ingleside (1921)

Anne of Windy Poplars (1936), in the UK and Australia as Anne of Windy Willows

Anne of Ingleside (1939)

The Blythes Are Quoted (2009)

Remaining Books

Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910)

The Story Girl (1911)

The Golden Road (1913)

The Watchman and Other Poems (1916)

Emily of New Moon (1923)

Emily Climbs (1925)

The Blue Castle: A Novel (1926)

Emily’s Quest (1927)

Magic for Marigold (1929)

A Tangled Web (1931), in the UK as Aunt Becky Began It

Pat of Silver Bush (1933)

Courageous Women (1934), with Marian Keith and Mabel Burns McKinley

Mistress Pat: A Novel of Silver Bush (1935)

Jane of Lantern Hill (1937)

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Shorter Works

This work makes for fascinating reading, not only because Montgomery used these items to perfect her craft and in many cases to test out characters and plot points she would later rework into her novels, but also because during the early days of her career she published her work under several alternate signatures, including “Cynthia” and “Maud Cavendish.” The majority of these items appeared in a wide range of mainstream periodicals from all over North America—some for women, some for children, some for people in farming communities, and some for the general public.

Alternate Signatures

Short Stories by Title

Short Stories by Date

Collections of Short Stories

Poems by Title

Poems by Date

Collections of Poems

Miscellaneous Pieces by Title

Miscellaneous Pieces by Date

Collections of Non-Fiction



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Life Writing

In the decades since Montgomery’s death, readers’ appreciation of her work has deepened thanks to the publication of several volumes of her life writing, in the form of letters and journals, all of which have revealed a more private Montgomery who is just as complex and compelling as the characters she wrote about.

The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery

The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery’s Complete Journals

Collections of Letters

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The L.M. Montgomery Library

L.M. Montgomery’s output of shorter works forms the basis of The L.M. Montgomery Library, a series of books from which three volumes are already available. An earlier book, The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print (2013), includes several essays, interviews, and miscellaneous pieces that Montgomery published as part of her career as an internationally best-selling novelist.

A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917 (2018)

A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921 (2019)

Twice upon a Time: Selected Stories, 1898–1939 (2022)

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