Newspaper Items: 1942–

This page lists 221 items about L.M. Montgomery’s life, work, and legacy published in newspapers since her death in 1942. See also the pages dedicated to magazine items published since 1942 and reviews published since 1942.

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1942 (23)

Calgary Herald. “Noted Canadian Authoress Dies.” 25 April 1942, 1.

Free Press (London, ON). “Famous Author Dies Suddenly.” 25 April 1942, 18.

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “Noted Author Dies Suddenly at Home Here.” 25 April 1942, 5.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 359–62.

Guardian (Charlottetown). “Death of Famed Island Writer.” 25 April 1942, 1, 11.

Guardian (Charlottetown). “Lucy Maud Montgomery.” 25 April 1942, 4.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 363–64.

New York Times. “L.M. Montgomery, Canadian Author.” 25 April 1942, 13.

Ottawa Journal. “L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Author, Dies.” 25 April 1942, 6.

Toronto Daily Star. “‘Anne’ Books Author Mrs. Macdonald Dies.” 25 April 1942, 28.

Calgary Herald. “Famous Canadian Author Passes.” 27 April 1942, 4.

Gazette (Montreal). “Burial to Be in P.E.I.” 27 April 1942, 22.

Guardian (Charlottetown). “Funeral from Green Gables on Wednesday.” 27 April 1942, 1.

Ottawa Journal. “L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne.’” 27 April 1942, 8.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 365–66.

Patriot (Charlottetown). “Funeral from ‘Green Gables.’” 27 April 1942, 1.

Patriot (Charlottetown). “Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Ewan Macdonald (Lucy Maud Montgomery).” 27 April 1942, 5.

Guardian (Charlottetown). “Body of Island’s Beloved Authoress Home for Burial.” 29 April 1942, 1.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 367–68.

MacAdam, A.J. “At Rest.” Guardian (Charlottetown), 29 April 1942, 4.

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “L.M. Montgomery Rests beside Sea.” 30 April 1942, 11.

Guardian (Charlottetown). “Island Writer Laid to Rest at Cavendish.” 30 April 1942, 1, 11.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 369–72.

Patriot (Charlottetown). “Famous Writer Is Laid to Rest.” 30 April 1942, 4.

MacArthur, T.H. “Lucy Maud Montgomery.” Patriot (Charlottetown), 2 May 1942, 4.

Peterborough Examiner. “The Creator of ‘Anne.’” 2 May 1942, 4.

Also as “[Happiness of an Inoffensive Sort]” in Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery, edited by Mary Henley Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston, 340–41. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 2007.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 373–74.

Times Literary Supplement (London). “L.M. Montgomery.” 2 May 1942, 220.

Jewell, Agnes. “Books and People.” Daily Telegram (Adrian, MI), 15 May 1942, 4.

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1943 (1)

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “Rev. Ewan Macdonald: Minister Husband of ‘L.M. Montgomery.’” Obituary. 14 December 1943, 21.

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1945 (2)

Tillsonburg (ON) News. “Green Gables Included in P.E.I. National Park.” 23 August 1945, 7.

Macdonald, Chester C. Letter to the editor. Tillsonburg (ON) News, 30 August 1945, 9.

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1946 (1)

Fort William (ON) Daily Times-Journal. “Lawyer Son Tells about Writing of Authoress Mother.” 23 July 1946, 10.

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1953 (1)

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “Choose These Gift Books.” Ad for Hockey Night in Canada, by Foster Hewitt; Further Chronicles of Avonlea, by L.M. Montgomery. 7 November 1953, 8.

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1955 (2)

Petlock, Bert. “Hold Trust Lawyer on $36,000 Counts.” Telegram (Toronto), 14 September 1955, 1, 4.

Toronto Daily Star. “Hold Trust Officer on Theft Charges.” 14 September 1955, 2.

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1956 (8)

Vineberg, Dusty. “School Desegregation Critic Guest on ‘Fighting Words.’” Montreal Star, 3 March 1956, 22+.

Sinclair, Gordon. “Next Week’s Highlights on TV.” Toronto Daily Star, 3 March 1956, 30.

Sinclair, Gordon. “Radio and Television.” Toronto Daily Star, 6 March 1956, 22.

MacAulay, Dorothy. “First Poem L.M. Montgomery’s Big Thrill but Anne of Green Gables Her Monument.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 26 March 1956, 19.

Eggleston, Wilfrid. “The Causerie.” Winnipeg Free Press, 21 July 1956, 1.

Belch, Jean. “Patience, Postage Stamps, Perseverance Imperative for Young Writers.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1 September 1956, Second Section, 21.

Eggleston, Wilfrid. “The Causerie.” Winnipeg Free Press, 15 September 1956, 1.

Times Literary Supplement (London). “Lives That Led to Fame.” 23 November 1956, xi.

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1957 (2)

Eggleston, Wilfrid. “The Causerie.” Winnipeg Free Press, 5 January 1957, 1.

Valois, Marcel. Review of Anne de Green Gables, directed by Jacques Gauthier. La Presse (Montreal), 14 September 1957, 50–51.

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1958 (4)

Pearce, Pat. “CBC Performance Excels NBC Effort.” Montreal Star, 18 November 1958, 31.

Sinclair, Gordon. “10 Sets, 14 Big Numbers Plus Ballet.” Toronto Daily Star, 18 November 1958, 30.

Pearce, Pat. “Sports Take Over TV This Saturday.” Montreal Star, 20 November 1958, 48.

Los Angeles Times. “A World of Beautiful Books for Every Child on Your Christmas List.” 1 December 1958, Part 1, 1.

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1959 (1)

Los Angeles Times. “Colorful Books for Every Child on Your Holiday Gift List.” 2 December 1959, Part 1, 31.

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1960 (1)

Los Angeles Times. “The Magic Dreams Are Made of Gift Books for Every Child.” 2 December 1960, Part 1, 32.

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1962 (1)

Deacon, W.A. “Japanese Girl Loves Lucy.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 10 November 1962, 26.

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1974 (2)

Carson, Jo. “Million Words in 10-Volume Diary Tell Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Own Tale.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 3 October 1974, W4.

Saunders, Tom. “Anne’s Author.” Winnipeg Free Press, 30 November 1974, 25.

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1975 (1)

Stuart, Jed. “‘Nearer to God in Lover’s Lane.’” Winnipeg Free Press, 6 September 1975, 44.

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1983 (1)

The Globe and Mail Broadcast Week. “Programs Aim for Children’s Minds.” 24 September 1983, 13.

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1984 (1)

Adilman, Sid. “Two Producers Vie for Anne of Green Gables.” Toronto Star, 23 February 1984, F1.

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1985 (10)

Toronto Star. “Megan Follows Wins Lead in Green Gables TV Series.” 7 May 1985, B1.

Adilman, Sid. “Anne’s Pastures Greener in Ontario.” Toronto Star, 22 June 1985, J1+.

Conlogue, Ray. “Anne of the Silver Screen.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 27 July 1985, E1.

Deakin, Basil. “Anne ‘Quite Irresistible.’” Chronicle-Herald (Halifax), 30 November 1985, 44.

Groen, Rick. “Anne’s a Winner of Hearts.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 30 November 1985, D1.

Martens, Doreen. “With Superb Cast, Anne’s a Joy.” Winnipeg Free Press, 30 November 1985, 18.

Musselwhite, Bill. “CBC’s Version of Anne Would Please the Author.” Calgary Herald, 1 December 1985, F1.

Bawden, Jim. “Director’s Tortuous Hunt for Anne Rights Pays Off.” Toronto Star, 1 December 1985, E1–E2.

Bawden, Jim. “The Original Anne Craves Anonymity.” Toronto Star, 1 December 1985, E2.

Adilman, Sid. “Green Gables Movie Delighted 4,908,000 Viewers.” Toronto Star, 18 December 1985, B1.

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1986 (10)

Adilman, Sid. “Bestest Present: CTV Could Have Its Ratings Winner.” Toronto Star, 14 January 1986, F1.

Wren, Christopher S. “Canada’s Beloved ‘Anne of Green Gables’ Crosses the Border.” New York Times, 16 February 1986, section 2, 31+.

Vancouver Sun. “Sequel to Anne of Green Gables to Be Seen First on U.S. Pay-TV.” 14 February 1987, H7.

Boone, Mike. “Missed Anne of Green Gables on CBC? You Have Another Chance on Ad-Free PBS.” TV Times, 16 February 1986, 3.

Bawden, Jim. “Anne of Green Gables TV Sequel Planned.” Toronto Star, 12 June 1986, H1.

Mietkiewicz, Henry. “New Hours Too Much: Thorsen Quits CFRB.” Toronto Star, 20 August 1986, B1.

Bawden, Jim. “Women Cop Top Emmys.” Toronto Star, 22 September 1986, D1.

Boone, Mike. “Anne of Green Gables Big Winner at Geminis.” Gazette (Montreal), 5 December 1986, D1.

Adilman, Sid. “Anne of Green Gables a Lucky Child of Gemini.” Toronto Star, 5 December 1986, D26.

Bawden, Jim. “Green Gables Charms Jaded American Critics.” Toronto Star, 13 December 1986, D5.

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1987 (13)

“TV Talkback.” Toronto Star, 28 March 1987, S14.

Brennan, Patricia. “Disney Offers ‘Green Gables’ Sequel.” Washington Post, 17 May 1987, Y5.

Brogan, Daniel. “Megan Follows Grows Up with ‘Anne’ Role.” Chicago Tribune, 19 May 1987, 5.

Terry, Clifford. “‘Anne’ Sequel Charms but Shows Its Age, Too.” Chicago Tribune, 19 May 1987, 5.

Shales, Tom. “‘Avonlea’: More from the Able ‘Gables’ Group.” Washington Post, 19 May 1987, C3.

Toronto Star. “Anne Charms U.S. Critics All Over Again.” 25 May 1987, D3.

Gazette (Montreal). “U.S. Critics Rave Over Anne of Green Gables Sequel.” 26 May 1987, D10.

Blakey, Bob. “P.E.I.’s Spirited Redhead Returns.” Calgary Herald, 2 December 1987, D1.

Cuff, John Haslett. “Slick Anne Sequel Takes No Chances with Success.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 5 December 1987, C5.

Bawden, Jim. “Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.” Toronto Star, 5 December 1987, F1, F12.

Fulford, Robert. “Anne’s Secret Quality Keeps Her Coming Back.” Toronto Star, 5 December 1987, F1.

Wesley, David. “This Anne Film Will Be the Last.” TV Times, 5 December 1987, 8.

Garvie, Maureen. “A Tale of Two Books.” Whig-Standard (Kingston, ON), 26 December 1987, Magazine section, 20–21.

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1988 (8)

Kirchhoff, H.J. “Echoes of Montgomery in McCullough Novel?” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 15 January 1988, D8.

Also as “McCullough Novella Echoes Earlier Book” in Star Tribune (Minneapolis), 1 February 1988, 1E, 8E.

Gazette (Montreal). “Is McCullough Novel Based on Story by Green Gables’ Author?” 16 January 1988, B9.

Hills, Ben. “Thorn Birds Colleen in Book Plot Row.” Melbourne Herald, 19 January 1988, 1+.

“Remember Anne of Green Gables? Read On.” Lincoln (NE) Journal Star, 28 February 1988, 10H.

Curley, Suzanne. “‘Anne’ Persists as Favorite Tale of Young Readers.” Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, KY), 28 February 1988, 7D.

Also as “‘Anne of Green Gables’ Persists as a Classic” in Olympian (Olympia, WA), 27 March 1988, 8C.

“Depression-Era Movie Under way.” Toronto Star, 20 October 1988, C4.

Adilman, Sid. “Green Gables 2-Hour Movie to Play Japan.” Toronto Star, 19 November 1988, G1.

Blackadar, Bruce. “Heavy Movie Role a Breeze for Bubbly 12-Year-Old Star.” Toronto Star, 2 December 1988, D21.

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1989 (2)

Adilman, Sid. “New Movie on Its Way to TV Series.” Toronto Star, 4 March 1989, F1.

Wagner, Vit. “On the Road to Avonlea Via Farm North of Pickering.” Toronto Star, 14 November 1989, B1–B2.

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1990 (20)

Hume, Christopher. “On the Road Again.” Toronto Star, 6–13 January 1990, S7–S8.

Fraser, Hugh. “Avonlea Beckons Dewhurst.” TV Times, 6 January 1990, n.pag.

Boone, Mike. “Road to Avonlea Series Takes Viewers Back to Anne-Land.” Gazette (Montreal), 7 January 1990, F1.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “Happiness on the Road to Avonlea.” Toronto Star, 7 January 1990, C1.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “Gretzky Tells Dryden about That Big Deal.” Toronto Star, 18 February 1990, C8.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “Wojeck Revival Recovers.” Toronto Star, 26 February 1990, C5.

Nicholls, Stephen. “Road to Avonlea Benched for Hockey.” Gazette (Montreal), 27 February 1990, F1.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “No Joy on the Road to Avonlea.” Toronto Star, 4 March 1990, C6.

Schatzky, David. “CBC Treats Young Viewers Shoddily.” Letter to the editor. Toronto Star, 7 March 1990, A26.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “Watch for Wendy Mesley to Move.” Toronto Star, 12 April 1990, B18.

Curzon, Thomas D. “Falling Ad Sales Detoured Avonlea.” Letter to the editor. Toronto Star, 20 April 1990, A28.

Zerbisias, Antonia. “No Risk Means No Future.” Toronto Star, 29 April 1990, C1.

Quill, Greg. “Foreign TV Is Buying Canadian.” Toronto Star, 6 May 1990, C1, C9.

“Anne Close to Poles as Well.” Leader-Post (Regina), 13 July 1990, C5.

James, Cathie. “Three from the Road.” Toronto Star, 26 August 1990, C1.

Walker, Susan. “Road Show.” Toronto Star, 1 December 1990, S4.

Boone, Mike. “Follow Road to Avonlea for Good Family Viewing.” Gazette (Montreal), 2 December 1990, F2.

Bawden, Jim. “Cloning Anne.” Toronto Star, 29 December 1990, SW10.

Shaw, Ted. “Another Gem from Sullivan.” TV Times, 29 December 1990, n.pag.

Quill, Greg. “A Romantic Family Melodrama.” Toronto Star, 30 December 1990, C1.

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1991 (3)

Fraser, Hugh. “Tinkering with Success.” TV Times, 19 January 1991, n.pag.

Taylor, Kate. “Anne of Hokkaido.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 6 July 1991, C1, C3.

Orwen, Patricia. “Kindred Spirits.” Toronto Star, 18 August 1991, C1, C3.

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1992 (1)

Kohanik, Eric. “Electronic Wizardry Keeps Dewhurst in the Picture for Road to Avonlea Finale.” Gazette (Montreal), 5 April 1992, F3.

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1993 (8)

Adilman, Sid. “Road Getting Smoother for Avonlea Producer.” Toronto Star, 9 January 1993, F9.

Boone, Mike. “Avonlea Starts Fourth Season: Who Would Have Predicted It?” Gazette (Montreal), 16 January 1993, E6.

Currie, Rod. “Third Lively Volume of L.M. Montgomery Journals Published.” North Bay (ON) Nugget, 3 April 1993, B6.

Also as “Green Gables Creator Endured Split Life” in Red Deer Advocate, 17 April 1993, C4.

Also as “Lucy Maud Montgomery: Third Volume of Her Lively Journals Reveals Dual Image” in Windsor (ON) Star, 1 May 1993, 59.

MacKay, Mary. “Montgomery Institute Meant to Provide Opportunities for Learning about Author.” Expositor (Brantford, ON), 8 May 1993, Weekend section, 9.

Also as “Montgomery Biography in the Works” in North Bay (ON) Nugget, 8 May 1993, B6.

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “Actress Took Green Gables Name.” 8 July 1993, C1.

Andrews, Marke. “Our Most Prolific Author: Gone but Not Forgotten.” Vancouver Sun, 17 July 1993, C18.

Smyth, Mitchell. “Author of Anne Books Found Bala ‘A Dear Spot.’” Toronto Star, 4 September 1993, G7.

Kohanik, Eric. “Anne Set Aside for a While.” Calgary Herald, 19 December 1993, C4.

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1994 (10)

Shaw, Ted. “Return to Avonlea.” Gazette (Montreal), 9 January 1994, F1.

Moore, Mickie. “Side by Side: Partners on the Road to Avonlea.” Toronto Sun, 16 January 1994, S18.

Tyler, Tracey. “Custody Battle over Anne of Green Gables Trademark Worth Big Money.” Toronto Star, 6 March 1994, A1.

Cadell, Andrew. “Lake of Shining Waters Is a Long Way from Green Gables.” Gazette (Montreal), 7 May 1994, H3.

Naves, Elaine Kalman. “L.M. Montgomery Symposium Is for Fans and Scholars Alike.” Gazette (Montreal), 4 June 1994, I3.

Also as “Maud Montgomery Subject of Serious Study,” Windsor (ON) Star, 30 July 1994, E3.

Menzies, Diane. “Almost Grown Up.” Toronto Sun, 17 July 1994, 52.

Adilman, Sid. “Star Sarah Polley Leaving TV’s Road to Avonlea.” Toronto Star, 22 August 1994, D7.

Enchin, Harvey. “Sullivan Files Suit against Public TV.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 25 August 1994, B6.

Adilman, Sid. “Polley Reaches End of the Road.” Toronto Star, 6 November 1994, E10.

Wagner, Vit. “Sarah through the Looking Glass: Avonlea Star Pondering Life After Showbiz.” Toronto Star, 10 July 1994, B1.

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1995 (2)

Malleck, Bonnie. “Road to Avonlea Returns with Back-to-Back Episodes.” Hamilton Spectator, 14 January 1995, 14.

Shields, Carol. “Unmask, Embrace, Sympathize, Love . . . Behold: The Writer.” Boston Globe, 21 May 1995, 80.

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1996 (13)

Atherton, Tony. “Avonlea Creator Aims Focus beyond Nostalgia and Whimsy.” Vancouver Sun, 6 January 1996, B9.

Also, as “Kevin Sullivan Veers from Road to Avonlea,” in Gazette (Montreal), 7 January 1996, F2.

Boone, Mike. “Sad Farewell.” TV Times, 13 January 1996, n.pag.

Strachan, Alex. “CBC Pulls Plug on Popular Children’s Drama.” Vancouver Sun, 13 January 1996, B11.

Hickey, Trisha. “Exit from Avonlea.” Toronto Sun, 21 January 1996, C9.

van Rijn, Nicolaas. “Rea Wilmshurst Found Author’s Scrapbooks.” Toronto Star, 24 March 1996, A5.

Also, unsigned, as “Rea Wilmshurst Was Expert on Montgomery,” Hamilton Spectator, 26 March 1996, D3.

Star-Phoenix (Saskatoon). “L.M. Montgomery Editor Wilmshurst Dies in Toronto.” 25 March 1996, B2.

Malleck, Bonnie. “So Long, Avonlea.” Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 30 March 1996, E7.

Bawden, Jim. “A Long and Winding Road.” Toronto Star, 30 March 1996, SW4.

Adilman, Sid. “The Reason Road to Avonlea Endures.” Toronto Star, 31 March 1996, B8.

Adilman, Sid. “Emily TV Series to Film in P.E.I.” Toronto Star, 4 June 1996, E7.

Harris, Christopher. “PEI Investing in Emily.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 13 August 1996, A10.

Adilman, Sid. “Montgomery’s Darker Side.” Toronto Star, 27 October 1996, E1+.

Butler, Kate Macdonald. “Montgomery Saw Emily Books as Her ‘Best.’” Letter to the editor. Toronto Star, 8 December 1996, B2.

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1997 (7)

Adilman, Sid. “Anne Shirley on Ice Just One Avonlea Revival Considered.” Toronto Star, 16 January 1997, D10.

Bickley, Claire. “Location, Location, Location.” Toronto Sun, 26 January 1997.

Adilman, Sid. “P.E.I. Liberals Gave TV Series $1.9-million Gift.” Toronto Star, 10 May 1997, K8.

MacAndrew, Barbara. “Move Over, Anne. It’s Emily’s Turn.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 19 July 1997, C2.

Cox, Kevin. “The Island Finally Gets to Play Itself.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 8 December 1997, A2.

Wamboldt, Barbara. “Journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery Won’t Disappoint.” Whig-Standard (Kingston, ON), 16 December 1997, 6.

Adilman, Sid. “New Moon Rising for a Plucky Heroine.” Toronto Star, 21 December 1997, B8.

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1998 (17)

Vanstone, Ellen. “Quirky and Complex—Don’t Mess with Emily.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1 January 1998, C1.

Bickley, Claire. “Beyond Green Gables.” Edmonton Sun, 2 January 1998, 22.

Atherton, Tony. “Another P.E.I. Heroine Gets TV Treatment.” Calgary Herald, 3 January 1998, I1–I2.

Naves, Elaine Kalman. “Inspired by Emily.” Gazette (Montreal), 3 January 1998, H1–H2.

Miller, Gina. “The Deeper, Darker Anne.” Telegraph-Journal (St. John, NB), 3 January 1998.

Torrance, Kelly. “Emily Gets with the Program.” Alberta Report (Edmonton), 2 February 1998, 54–55.

Lord, Barbara. “Read the Books.” Letter to the editor. Globe and Mail (Toronto), 4 April 1998, D7.

Taylor, Kate. “Anne of Green Gables Story Made Fresh with Adaptation.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 9 April 1998, C3.

Atherton, Tony. “CBC, CTV Shows Suffer Huge Viewer Declines.” Ottawa Citizen, 30 April 1998, A1, A3.

Adilman, Sid. “Avonlea Cast Comes Home for Christmas.” Toronto Star, 3 August 1998, C6.

Gazette (Montreal). “Montgomery Descendant to Appear in Emily of New Moon.” 20 August 1998, D11.

Toronto Star. “Anne of Green Gables Fans Are in for a Treat.” 31 October 1998, Travel Section, 1.

Adilman, Sid. “Horror Comes to Paradise.” Toronto Star, 15 November 1998, D20.

Allemang, John. “Television.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 12 December 1998, C9.

Hawkins, Shannon. “Back in Avonlea for the Holidays.” Ottawa Sun, 12 December 1998, 41.

Blakey, Bob. “Back to Avonlea.” TV Times, 12 December 1998, 6.

Fonda, Peter. “Purrfect Fare for the Season.” Toronto Star, 13 December 1998, D23.

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1999 (7)

Lamey, Andy. “Is Anne of Green Gables Really from Sunnybrook Farm? New Book Points Out Many Similarities to American Classic.” National Post (Toronto), 10 April 1999, A1.

Lamey, Andy. “Was Our Anne Born in Maine? Authors Claim Canada’s Famous Book Owes More Than a Little to an American Classic.” National Post (Toronto), 10 April 1999, B12.

Naves, Elaine Kalman. “Interest in Anne’s Creator Endures.” Gazette (Montreal), 22 May 1999, J1–J2.

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “The Ten Most Influential Canadians in the Arts.” 1 July 1999, C1.

Enman, Charles. “From Notebook Scrap to Great Canadian Novel.” Ottawa Citizen, 8 September 1999, 11.

Nolen, Stephanie. “Anne Rage: It’s Prince Edward Island’s Dirty Little Secret.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 11 September 1999.

Saunders, Don, and Gayle MacDonald. “Anne’s Scary Stepparents.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 16 October 1999, C1+.

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2000 (24)

Baine, Janet. “In Her Own Words: Manuscript Shows Method behind Montgomery Novel.” Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 22 January 2000, I05.

Adilman, Sid. “Axe Ready to Fall on Losers.” Toronto Star, 1 February 2000, C7.

Atherton, Tony. “Anne, Again.” Ottawa Citizen, 26 February 2000.

Volmers, Eric. “Anne Comes Home to Westfield.” Cambridge (ON) Reporter, 2 March 2000, B1.

Cole, Stephen. “Another Helping of Green Gables.” National Post (Toronto), 2 March 2000, B4.

McKay, John. “Anne of Green Gables All Grown Up.” Chronicle-Herald (Halifax), 3 March 2000, A8.

Allemang, John. “Anne of Green Gables Plays Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 3 March 2000, R6.

York, Geoffrey. “On Iranian TV, Avonlea Rules.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 4 March 2000, A1, A21.

Kohanik, Eric. “A Grand Finale.” TV Times, 4 March 2000, 4.

McLeod, Tyler. “Megan Follows Anne.” Calgary Sun, 5 March 2000.

Brioux, Bill. “Anne Goes to War.” Edmonton Sun, 5 March 2000, TV5.

Wheeler, Carolynne. “There Are Some Stories You Just Shouldn’t Mess With.” Hamilton Spectator, 10 March 2000, A02.

Spears, Tom. “‘Outrageously Sexual’: Anne Was a Lesbian, Scholar Insists.” Ottawa Citizen, 25 May 2000, A3.

Also, as “Green Gables a Hotbed of Lesbian Sex? Prof Has New Take on Anne, Island Pals,” in Gazette (Montreal), 26 May 2000, A14.

Spears, Tom. “Anne a Lesbian? ‘Poppycock!’” Ottawa Citizen, 27 May 2000, A7.

Edmonton Journal. “Anne Theory Is Pure Conjecture.” 29 May 2000, A12.

Nolen, Stephanie. “Does Lesbianism Underlie Anne of Green Gables?” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 31 May 2000, A1.

Globe and Mail (Toronto). “How Green Were Anne’s Gables?” Editorial. 3 June 2000, A14.

Black, Kathleen N. “‘Gay’ Anne Claim Is Ridiculous.” Edmonton Journal, 6 June 2000, A13.

Parkatti, Kelly. “Why Horrified Reaction to Prof’s Anne Theory?” Edmonton Journal, 7 June 2000, A11.

Hunter, Ian. “Outing Anne and Other Scary Tales.” National Post, 8 June 2000, A19.

Nickerson, Colin. “Between the Lines: Scholar Outs ‘Anne.’” Boston Globe, 10 June 2000, A01.

King, Susan. “Returning to ‘Green Gables’: It’s Not ‘90210.’” Los Angeles Times, 22 July 2000, F6.

Salamon, Julie. “Anne Faces a Messy World Far from Green Gables.” New York Times, 22 July 2000, B7, B15.

Malleck, Bonnie. “Animated Anne Arrives: TVOntario’s Fall Lineup Aims Programming at Children from Tots to Teens.” Hamilton Spectator, 6 September 2000, G04.

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2003 (1)

MacDonald, Gayle. “Anne of Green Gavels?” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 15 November 2003, R14.

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2004 (3)

Adams, James. “The Full Lucy.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 17 January 2004, R1.

Willing, Jon. “Unlocking Beloved Author’s Secrets.” Guelph Mercury, 28 February 2004, A1.

Powell, Naomi. “Journal of Green Gables Author Paints Sad Portrait.” Guelph Mercury, 2 October 2004, A3.

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2005 (3)

Kubacki, Maria. “Dear Diary: Why Women Love to Read and Write Diaries.” Ottawa Citizen, 15 January 2005, I7.

Also as “I Write, Therefore, I Am (Depressed): The Dark Link between Diaries and Disposition” in Edmonton Journal, 23 January 2005, B5.

Jacobs, Donna. “Creator of the Indomitable Anne Was Burdened by Personal, Family Problems.” Ottawa Citizen, 19 September 2005, A2.

Jacobs, Donna. “Pets Brought Comfort and Solace to History’s Famous and Powerful.” Ottawa Citizen, 24 October 2005, A2.

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2008 (3)

Butler, Kate Macdonald. “The Heartbreaking Truth about Anne’s Creator.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 20 September 2008, F1, F6.

Flood, Alison. “Suicide Secret of Anne of Green Gables Author.” Guardian (London), 23 September 2008.

Rubio, Mary Henley. “Canlit’s First Big Hit.” National Post (Toronto), 19 November 2008, A21.

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2009 (2)

Renzetti, Elizabeth. “A Different Shirley [sic] and Gilbert.” Globe and Mail (Toronto), 24 October 2009, R12.

Aggerholm, Barbara. “L.M. Montgomery’s Dark Last Work.” Record (Kitchener-Waterloo), 24 October 2009, C3.

Also as “L.M. Montgomery’s Rediscovered Last Work of Fiction Darker, Full of Surprises,” Journal Pioneer (Summerside), 4 November 2009, B5.

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2014 (2)

Cole, Sally. “Immersed in Montgomery.” Guardian (Charlottetown), 9 June 2014, B5–B6.

Mah, Ann. “Searching for a Certain Girl in Braids.” New York Times, 24 August 2014, 9.

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