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Poems by Title

This page lists a selection of L.M. Montgomery’s poems by title. A volume of Montgomery’s collected poems is in progress.


Assurance (10 March 1900 poem)


Before Storm (November 1909 poem)
Beyond Recall. See Irrevocable
The Book (January 1906 poem)
By the Sea (December 1922 poem)


Companioned (August 1910 poem)


The Difference (20 January 1940 poem)
Do You Remember? (January 1911 poem)


The Exile (22 January 1913 poem)


Farewell (2 September 1891 poem)
Farewell to an Old Room (October 1924 poem)
The Fir Lane (December 1904 poem)
Forever (August 1916 poem)
Friend, I Wish You through the Year (9 April 1932 poem)


The Gable Window (April 1897 poem)
The Gate of Dream (December 1919 poem)
Gratitude (1907 poem)
The Gray Silk Gown (23 May 1903 poem)
Grief (March 1922 poem)


The Haunted Room (27 July 1926 poem)


If I Had Known (18 February 1903 poem)
If Love Should Come (December 1897 poem)
I Have Buried My Dead (12 October 1901 poem)
In an Old Garden (September 1907 poem)
In Lovers’ Lane (July 1903 poem)
Interlude (13 December 1930 poem)
Irrevocable (10 November 1898 poem)
I Want (6 June 1936 poem)
I Wish You (January 1936 poem)
I Would Be Well (7 March 1900 poem)


June! (12 June 1891 poem)
A June Day (June 1922 poem)
A June Evening (June 1919 poem)


The Lane of Firs. See The Fir Lane
The Last Prayer (March 1894 poem)
Longing (May 1907 poem)
The Lover’s Catechism (March 1921 poem)


May Song (July 1920 poem)
Memories (November 1932 poem)
Memory Pictures (September 1912 poem)
The Mother
My Pictures (May 1906 poem)


The New House (January 1932 poem)
Night (January 1935 poem)
Night Watches (28 July 1900 poem)


Oh, We Will Walk with Spring To-day! (1930 poem)
An Old Face (28 September 1927 poem)
The Old Home Calls (1 April 1909 poem)
An Old Man’s Grave (6 December 1906 poem)
The Old Man’s Grave. See An Old Man’s Grave
The Old Path round the Shore (October 1903 poem)
Omega (31 January 1903 poem)
On Cape Le Force (26 November 1890 poem)
One of the Shepherds (24 December 1908 poem)
On the Bridge (11 June 1904 poem)
On the Gulf Shore (February 1895 poem)
Our Women (1918 poem)


The Parting Soul (25 January 1928 poem)
The Pilgrim (13 April 1935 poem)
The Piper (2 May 1942 poem)
The Poet (1916 poem)
The Poet’s Thought (April 1909 poem)
Points of View (September 1925 poem)
Premonitions (November 1921 poem)


Rain in the Woods (August 1899 poem)
Remembered (September 1933 poem)
Robin Vespers (1 September 1921 poem)


The Sea-Shell (February 1909 poem)
The Sea to the Shore (1916 poem)
Secret Knowledge (15 October 1931 poem)
A Shore Picture (April 1910 poem)
The Singer (27 January 1906 poem)
Song of Winter (December 1919 poem)
Spring Song (22 April 1920 poem)
Success (9 May 1931 poem)
The Summons (16 March 1914 poem)


There Is a House I Love (21 July 1934 poem)
Three Days (September 1901 poem)
The Three Songs (March 1908 poem)
To a Desired Friend (5 January 1927 poem)
Too Late (31 August 1901 poem)
To One Hated (1916 poem)
The Treasures (30 May 1907 poem)


The Violet’s Spell (July 1894 poem)


We Who Wait (12 August 1914 poem)
What I Would Ask of Life (December 1912 poem)
When the Apple-Blossoms Blow (June 1895 poem)
When the Fishing Boats Come In (January 1899 poem)
When the Fishing Boats Go Out (14 September 1899 poem)
“Which Has the Most Patience under the Ordinary Cares and Trials of Life—Man or Woman?” (February 1896 poem)
The Wild Places (20 August 1932 poem)
The Wind (21 December 1922 poem)
The Wind in the Poplars (October 1906 poem)
Wind of Autumn (October 1922 poem)
Winter Song. See Song of Winter
With Tears They Buried You To-day (September 1914 poem)
The Wreck of the “Marcopolo,” 1883 (29 August 1892 poem)

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